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Fall Floral Designs

August 16, 2016

It’s that time of year again! The kids are starting school. The Dahlias, Sunflowers, Crape Myrtle and Hydrangeas are blooming, and it’s FINALLY not so blistering hot in the afternoons! It’s the end of summer, and Fall is right around the corner. If you’re like me, you Love Fall! I can’t wait for light jackets and sweaters, caramel apples – (well, apple everything) – pumpkin everything – foggy mornings, scarecrows, Halloween, fall crafts and my favorite; the vibrant rich colors of autumn. Living in the mountains of North Carolina have been such a wonderful experience. For the last few years of living here I have thoroughly enjoyed the dramatic and gorgeous display of natures infinite beauty as the leaves change from lush green to a breathtaking display of color. It’s one of the most magnificent acts of nature I’ve ever seen!

Every year I get so excited about decorating for the holidays! One of the first things I do is put a wreath on my front door. Or change out the one I already had! Wreaths are one the funnest crafts I like to make, and most of the time they are pretty easy to put together! Here are some of my favorite Fall wreaths and arrangements I have made! I hope you enjoy!


I have made these adorable straw hat scare crows for the last few years and I get so many compliments. You can get all of your materials at Michael’s.

The supplies you’ll need are:

A straw hat

Some faux flowers

Long natural raffia

Googly eyes

An acorn for the nose

Wire edged ribbon or a pre-made floral bow

Floral wire or pipe cleaners

Felt – for the mouth

Hot Glue Gun

Scissors and Wire cutters


Start by tying your raffia in the middle with a piece of floral wire or (I used pipe cleaners). For the girls hair I use the entire piece of raffia which measured about 3′ long. After I secured the center I braided the two sides. You can also leave it long, but trim the bottom of any ‘split ends’. For the shorter hair I cut about 12″ and again tied it in the middle. Use the ends of the wire to poke through the hat and secure the ‘hair’ to the hat. Then fold the brim of the hat over the hair and use another piece of wire to secure it down. Add your flowers on top by gluing them down with a hot glue gun. Glue on your eyes and nose, then cut out a mouth with your felt and glue that on. Note: Try not to burn yourself with the hot gun, but I understand that can be difficult! Anyway, add your bow and any other leaves or accessories you wanna experiment with and you’re done!



Here are some traditional, yet rich Fall wreaths and arrangements. This year I’m seeing a lot of metallic tones. By adding a touch of gold, bronze or copper, it gives these classic fall wreaths that extra pop of color.




If there is one flower that represents Fall, it’s the Sunflower. You can’t go wrong with Sunflowers when it comes to Fall arrangements.




 Traditionally, when you think of Fall, you think of rich reds, yellows and oranges. However, Fall doesn’t have to be all about the warm spectrum of colors. I love to throw in some Blues and Purples to mix things up. Teal has always been a beautiful color and with it’s popularity becoming more exciting each year we shouldn’t put it away just because it’s Fall.



Purple is my favorite color, so you are guaranteed to see lots of purple on my blog. I hope you have enjoyed my collection of arrangements so far! Please keep checking back since I plan on adding more pictures as I go!


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