Crochet Rose and Leaf – Free Pattern

June 13, 2016

Crochet Rose Pattern

Crochet Rose and Leaf Pattern

– Leave a long enough tail to sew your petals into the rose later

Ch 38

Row 1: SC in second Ch from hook, Ch 2, skip next chain stitch, SC in next chain stitch, repeat (Ch 2, SC) you will have 18 Ch 2 spaces

Row 2: Turn, (*Ch 1, 5 HDC in Ch 2 Space, Ch 1, Sl St in same loop) this will make your first petal, Sl St in next Ch 2 Space, Repeat from * until you have six petals of HDC,  Sl St in next Ch 2 loop, (Ch 1, 5 DC, Ch 1, Sl St in same loop, repeat the 5 DC pattern until the next 6 Ch 2 spaces have DC petals, in the last 6 Ch 2 spaces make petals with ( Sl St, Ch 2,  5 TC, Ch 2, Sl St) knot and tie off.


Crochet Rose Row 2

Starting with the HDC petals, using a yarn needle weave the tail through the bottom of the petals while rolling it in tightly to make your center.  Keep weaving and securing back to the center as you go. When you reach the end knot and tie off your tail.

Crochet Rose


Crochet Leaf Pattern

Crochet Leaf Pattern

Ch 7, turn, Skip last stitch & SC in back loop of the second to last Ch. DC in next back loop, TC in next two back loop, DC in next back loop, SC in last back loop Ch, Picot – to form leaf tip (Picot – chain 3, slip stitch in front loop of first stitch). Turn and follow back across the front loops of the row, SC in first loop, DC in second loop, TC in next 2 loops, DC in next, SC in last stitch. Slip stitch in first stitch & fasten off.


Crochet Rose Pattern

If you wish to sell items made from my patterns you are welcome to do so! However, selling or reproducing the written pattern is not permitted. Using my pictures may be allowed but I ask that you include a link to the pattern with credit for the design – on the online listing if selling online, or on the tag if selling at a craft fair or in a shop. Thank you so much!

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